Saturday, 25 March 2017

My John Gray Moment

John often comments that as he gets older he is more likely to speak up about poor behaviour and I always think that I have worked hard to become more diplomatic than I was in my youth so I am unlikely to ever get into one of those "grumpy old woman" situations.

I was wrong.

Yesterday, I was sitting in my daughter Caitlin's favourite cafe with her. She buys me coffee there every week and it is a little highlight in the routine.
We had not long arrived and were still settling in when there was a bang outside and we looked up to see the two cars involved in a minor crash still coming to rest in the middle of the road outside.
A young woman jumped out of her P-plated car. Her arrogant, nouveau-riche entitlement flashed around and she quickly started to berate the other driver, an elderly man. He suggested they should move off the road to discuss the incident so they moved up a little way.
The man had two walking sticks and was struggling to the extent that he also leaned heavily against his car for support as he went to the passenger side to get papers out. There was an extended conversation and we wondered what could possibly take so long about exchanging details.
Next, we saw that the young woman was asking him to walk down a couple of house lengths to look at the damage on her car. It was obviously going to be hard or impossible for him to get up onto the footpath so they were walking along the narrow, busy road.
By this time I really saw red and dashed out of the cafe. I moved a little further up the road towards them and yelled out to her to bring her car up. I couldn't hear what she said but her face said it all and I repeated my request "Bring the damned car up! Can't you see he can't walk?"

By this time it was pretty much a fait accompli so I turned to retreat into the cafe. It wasn't much of a retreat because people were coming to see what the kerfuffle was. Caitlin just put her head in her hands and said "oh, mum...."

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Bench Surfer

Meet Harry.
Yesterday he came to live here. We (Liam, to be exact) bought him from the RSPCA. He is three years old and they thought he may have raced but his history is unknown.
His future involves a lot of spoiling.

I titled the post "bench surfer" because greyhounds are renowned for it. It's a very cute way to say habitual stealer of human food, dont you think?

Friday, 17 March 2017

Feeling like Family

For the last couple of years I haven't been able to straighten my elbow fully. It is a good excuse for not wanting to iron but it doesn't really have any other advantages so I decided that this would be the time to address it.
I have been to the acupuncture clinic many times, about four or five for this elbow and have mostly been treated in the very front room. It is the "premium" room, bigger than the others and with a large window but today the front rooms were all occupied and I was escorted to the back, through the curtain to the kitchen and into the clinic version of a house's spare room.
It felt not as though I was relegated to the only available room but as though I was entering the inner sanctum, privileged to see into the soul of the practice.
There was a vacuum cleaner standing in the corner, some spare linen on a second treatment bench and a cauliflower in a bag, surely destined for some staff member's dinner. Instead of a large and venetian blind covered window there was a smaller window of obscure glass, it was open a crack and the blinds were pulled up, I could hear traffic on the lane at the back of the shop and little puffs of wind gave me a sense of the outside world.
I had a chat with my therapist while she placed needles and massaged knotty muscles then lay quietly for close on an hour and left feeling that I had received a special brand of medicine.