Friday, 12 August 2016


When Elephants Child posted today with the idea of sharing a good news story, I realised that I see plenty of great stories in my internet wanderings, the challenge is to remember what they all are! Here are some I ran across just today. I could post many more if I wanted to flood you with stories about dogs. :)

The first great story is about a woman who has  a clever idea to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. "Frida, Costela, Mel and Isabelle — rescued from slums and abandoned lots around Sao Paulo were trained to retrieve balls for tennis players in an exhibition match during the Brazil Open. Organiser Marli Scaramella said she wanted to show that rescue dogs are just as trainable as any other dog."

In this story an animal lover is collecting old fur clothing and redistributing it to animal care groups. It enriches the lives of the animals, providing a more natural, familiar and comforting bedding than towels or blankets.

This story from the Netherlands where a retirement home gives free lodging to students in return for some social time with the old folks.

You might have seen this one, A big surprise, it was viral last week. It's not a hugely important thing for anyone but the family involved but oh so beautiful.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Donuts & Cakes

I was at the butchers today and because I was shopping alone the butcher inquired about the whereabouts of my daughters who are often along for the ride.

"They've gone to Bowral for cake" I informed him. (That's 95km/ 59miles)

 He looked surprised for just a second before he said "Well we go to Dapto for hot dogs, we did it once and then it became a thing" (81km/ 50miles)

His next observation: "And Berry for donuts" (128km/ 80miles)

What food do you travel a crazy distance for?

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Four lizards, a sheep, a snake, three cats and a few dogs

This week I have been hired to help out with a pair of six month old twins. What the client wants is a nanny, though I was hired as a postpartum doula and it is reminding me of exactly why I am a doula and not a nanny. I don't have the stamina or dexterity that is needed for nannying but I am good at the encouraging, making cups of tea and offering perspective which are essential to postpartum support.

Anyways, the finer points of service industries aside, I was walking the wee charges round the block today in a vain attempt to get them to nap and as I walked past what I think is the only free-standing house in all of Alexandria there was a girl of about eight standing on the footpath.

"I know those babies.....they live in one of the the grey houses (she is right) ......Are you the mum? .....I know the other babysitter too"

"Do you live here?" I asked her "do you like it here?"

"It's like a farm, we have so many pets we have four lizards, a sheep, three cats and a few dogs. We used to have a goat....out the back yard"

Her smaller brother tried to show me his toy monkey but he was standing well back and her confidence overwhelmed proceedings a little.

I'm rather hoping that I might be asked to walk the twins again tomorrow and if I am I think I will take the same route